When The Long Trick’s Over

Author(s): Morgan Lloyd Malcolm
Company: HighTide and New Wolsey Theatre
Running time: 1h 15min approx

When The Long Trick’s Over

This play from Olivier Award winning Morgan Lloyd Malcolm moves forwards and backwards in time across the 21 miles between Dover and Calais as a young swimmer harnesses her mind and body to make the crossing.

Tackling what it means to grieve, both physically and mentally, how we deal with loss and all the ways in which those we have lost paradoxically remain present in our lives as we struggle through our world without them. With grief and joy, '90s pop-songs and lists, When The Long Trick’s Over encapsulates the fact that love persists whatever the distance, and however perilous the journey to the other side. And that, sometimes, it means swimming against the tide and against the things that hold you back: the old memories and oil tankers, jellyfish and jelly babies.


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