Another America

Author(s): Bill Rosenfield
Company: Oli Sones and Emma Halstead in association with Park Theatre
Running time: 2h 15min approx

Another America

Another America? Isn’t one enough? In the wake of an election, the consequence of which still threatens to topple democracy as we have come to know it, three friends escape the Internet and the real world to ride from Venice California across a country divided by ideologies and economics embarking on a pilgrimage to the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield Massachusetts. By the end of their journey, they’ve discovered not just a different version of themselves but of their country as well.

“Ride til you find what you’re looking for.”

Bill Rosenfield’s exuberant theatrical road trip, directed by Joseph Winters (former Resident Director of the Almeida Theatre and Artistic Director of Shipwright), features 3 actors playing 36 characters of different genders, races and passions.