James IV – Queen of the Fight

Author(s): Rona Munro
Company: Raw Material and Capital Theatres

James IV

“You’re a wonder. You’re a window into a wide world.” ​

Scotland, 1504, seen fresh through the eyes of new arrivals Ellen and Anne, two Moorish ​ women who were expected to take their place at a royal court... but not this one. Both women now have to fight to find and keep a place in the dazzling, dangerous world of the Scottish Court of James IV. It’s a world where war is never far away, words of love and promises of peace are not what they seem and where poets might turn out to be more dangerous than any assassin.

Employing the same wit and theatricality of the first ​three James Plays (James I, II and III), acclaimed playwright Rona Munro goes back to a thrilling and uncharted period of Scottish history in this brand new production.