The 4th Country

Author(s): Kate Reid
Company: Plain Heroines and Park Theatre
Running time: 1h 20min approx

The 4th Country

Set in Derry-Londonderry, The 4th Country tackles Northern Ireland’s complex politics and history, from Bloody Sunday to abortion laws.

For Niamh and Conor, life in Northern Ireland is miles away from the stereotypes of leprechauns, Riverdance and whiskey. As an overworked Department of Health grapples with the fallout of a woman’s death, they discover her connection to those who died in the Bloody Sunday massacre.

Meanwhile, Conor and Niamh lock horns over the morality of his lawyer fiancée’s role in defending a man who bears some responsibility. Even in 2019, Niamh and Conor can still never quite escape the echoes of their family’s violent past.

The 4th Country is performed by a Northern Irish and Irish cast. Writer Kate Reid was a finalist for the Royal Court Lynne Gagliano Writers’ Award 2019 and returns to Park Theatre following Entropy, which was developed with Park Theatre’s Script Accelerator programme.

The 4th Country has been reworked for 2022 following its original VAULT Festival 2020 run.


Park Theatre, London