Claus The Musical

Author(s): Adapted for the stage by Simon Warne, music and lyrics by Andy Collyer, based on L Frank Baum’s The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus
Company: Aria Entertainment and Eilene Davidson Productions

Claus The Musical

From the writer of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz comes the story of Santa Claus, the man who will be forever in our hearts and, on Christmas Eve, forever in our skies.

Abandoned as a baby in the magical Forest of Burzee, he is gifted to Necile, a wood nymph, who showers him with love and names him Claus. With a helping hand from the mystical inhabitants of the forest—Fairies, Knooks and Ryls—she teaches him that kindness is the most important lesson of all, a gift that Claus eventually shares with us, as he embarks on a journey to bring the miracle of Christmas to the whole world.


The Lowry, Salford

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