Kattam Katti

Author(s): Urja Desai Thakore
Company: Pagrav Dance Company

Every January, millions of people from different cities, religions and social classes come together to fly kites in a unique event marking the transition from winter into spring. Whilst it is a joyous event, Uttarayan is also ruthlessly competitive.

The aim is to fly your kite higher than anybody else’s. Competitors coat their kite strings with glass pigment that while beautiful on the surface will also cut the strings of other kites. Wounds to participants are not unknown and penthouse-owning rich people make full use their advantages by launching their kites from high rooftops.

Kattam Katti draws parallels with society’s inequalities in India, the UK and around the world.

Kattam Katti (Cutting Through) is a neoclassical work with a contemporary feel and strong roots in the South Asian dance tradition. It features live original music from four musicians who interact with, and move around with, the four dancers.


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