Some Old Street

Author(s): Lisa Hammond and Rachael Spence, Kirsty Housely and Annie Siddons
Company: Bunny

The world première of Some Old Street is a devised piece of theatre by Bunny, an artistic partnership comprising of Lisa Hammond and Rachael Spence.

Bunny is joined by writer and director Kirsty Housley (Extinct, Theatre Royal Stratford) and writer Annie Siddons (How (Not) to Live in Suburbia, Soho Theatre). Expect interviews with real people, homemade songs, plate spinning, an octopus of wealth and double-act comedy antics as they ask the question how can Lisa and Rachael stay together?

Other credits for Bunny include Still No Idea (The Royal Court / Improbable), Souled Out (Shakespeare's Globe) and Lowdown (Channel 4).

“I know exactly what I would do. I would never move away, that’s a false economy. Get a normy job for two years, get the down payment, buy it, it’s yours.”

Lisa and Rachael are best mates with a big friendship. They’re happiest living side by side, in the middle of the city. Life is tough sometimes, but they are city people, persistent, resilient chancers—and their survival depends on having each other close by.

One day, Rachael learns she's going to have to move out of her rented flat just around the corner from Lisa and the pair set out to fix Rachael’s housing crisis. Surely by working harder, being funnier and lying better they can get her family housed on one of the most expensive bits of land in the world?