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La Gioconda

Author(s): Ponchielli

For one of the grandest of Italian grand operas, GPO welcomes back the clarion tones of Joseph Calleja as the treacherous lover.

With South African soprano Amanda Echalaz, Russian bass–baritone Alexander Krasnov, Ruxandra Donose and Elisabetta Fiorillo there will be a huge amount of vocal firepower on stage for this first UK production since 2008.

Luscious tunes portray most serene Venice—La Serenissima—a place preferring peace to conflict, a place of diplomacy, wealth, justice and prosperity.

But under the cruel eye of the Inquisition lives a simple singer: a dutiful daughter to her blind mother. Bursting with love for her mother, her lover Enzo, and fury at his treachery, she tumbles into Venice’s bloody underworld.