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We Should Definitely Have More Dancing

Author(s): Clara Darcy and Ian Kershaw
Company: Oldham Coliseum Theatre

The amazing adventures of a woman with a fist in her head.

Clara Darcy is fit! She’s also (almost) carefree, (kind of) happily single and joyously dancing through life but, little does she know, her world is about to be turned upside down thanks to the arrival of a fist—slap-bang in the middle of her head.

Based on her real-life story and performed by the actress herself with friends, We Should Definitely Have More Dancing explores the things that define us, that fill us up and make us who we are—a cautionary postcard from the edge of life stuffed full of heart and love and dancing.

Writers Ian Kershaw and Clara Darcy are no strangers to Coliseum audiences: Ian penned Star-Cross’d, The Mist In The Mirror and Bread & Roses, whilst Clara performed in Brassed Off and Chicago.


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