Hole lot of Wonderland

Published: 10 May 2021
Reporter: David Upton

Alice in Wonderland - Down the Rabbit Hole

Alice in Wonderland—Down the Rabbit Hole returns on a UK tour.

Children’s TV presenter Kerry Boyne has the title role in a show which switches from the traditional stage set-up to find the audience seated centre-stage and transported to an upside-down, inside-out, topsy-turvy world.

She meets The Mad Hatter (Ashley Luke Lloyd, Dreamgirls), The Queen of Hearts (Brooke Havana Bailey, Billy Elliot), White Rabbit (Billie Hardy, Cilla) Tweedle (Emily Shuck, Burlesqued) and The Caterpillar (Emily Barnett-Salter, Dirty Dancing). The show also stars the voice of Hollyoaks and country music star Twinnie Lee Moore.

Based on the original Lewis Carroll story, Alice's journey has a modern twist and sees her learning the value of kindness and acceptance of others.

The show visits London, Sunderland and Blackpool with more venues to be announced. The UK tour starts at London’s Aeronaut from May 23.