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How many ways are there to tie a shoelace?

Published: 29 March 2019
Reporter: Peter Lathan

According to a show coming to Newcastle’s Alphabetti in April, there are one hundred.

100 Ways to Tie a Shoelace is the title of a show by theatre company Forget About the Dog who are associate artists of stage@leeds, winners of Best Regional Fringe Show 2018 (Always Time For Theatre) and “dedicated to cohesive nonsense, thought provoking whimsy and well-made tea.”

Since her accident, Kat has been having trouble with her memory and the basics of everyday life. Her only escape from her muddled mind is a hospital ward TV. As she is plunged into a world of confusion, we explore her recovery as she tries to fight her anxieties and conquer her fears. However the lines between reality and fantasy begin to blur and she will have to face some unusual visitors if she wants to get back to her old self…

Dialogue, puppetry and original music create the surreal world in which Kat finds herself, while never forgetting the sobering reality of the situation. It’s all about mix-ups, mayhem and muscle memory.

100 Ways to Tie a Shoelace comes to Alphabetti from 16 to 19 April. This is a Pay What You Feel show.