Leonard home to Liverpool

Published: 17 October 2021
Reporter: David Upton

Toby Harris as Rossiter

Jim Blythe’s play Rossiter will be performed in Liverpool for the first time.

Actor Toby Harris brings the iconic comic actor Leonard Rossiter back to life in his home city. It’s at the Hope Street Theatre November 4–6.

Rossiter was born in Wavertree in 1926 and became a man of paradoxes. A committed husband who nevertheless had a long-standing affair, a working-class man who kept a fine wine cellar, an amateur actor who became a professional and a theatrical performer whose greatest fame came from his television work.

Rossiter explores his life, work and motivations.

Jim Blythe is a former Merchant Navy radio officer, ladies hairdresser, business consultant, rock musician, truck driver, company director, academic and playwright with 11 plays to his name.