Scaredy Bairns at Halloween

Published: 22 October 2019
Reporter: Peter Lathan

Scaredy Bairns is a family friendly Halloween experience deep in the woods in County Durham close to the Tanfield Railway, Causey Arch and Beamish Museum.

Challenge Northumberland in partnership with Hedley West Farm and the Northumberland Theatre Company (NTC) invites audiences to experience a chilling (yet child friendly) and "thoroughly ridiculous" performance to celebrate everything that goes bump in the night this October: "Once upon a Halloween".

In the unique location deep in the middle of the woods, audiences will find a fun-filled show and meet the spooky (and slightly unhinged) storytellers Eegor, Igor, Oooogor... and Dave, as they recount some familiar tales and maybe even a few new ones. And who knows? There might even be an appearance from Count Dracula himself!

The four actors are:

  • Louis Roberts, who has been acting professionally for a lot longer than he'd like to admit and as well as pulling faces on various stages around the country, he is also Associate Director at Northumberland Theatre Company. He is extremely excited to be running around the woods... at night... on Halloween... okay wait, maybe excited is the wrong word... Yes, definitely, wrong. Louis is terrified!
  • Tori Klays is an actor / movement director / full time scaredy cat from York. She watched Scooby Doo the Movie when she was 10 and was so frightened she couldn’t sleep for 3 months. At the age of 24, Tori has still yet to watch the film again. She's praying that she will be able to scare others and not just herself within this project!
  • Colette Conlin is no stranger to getting dressed up and playing silly characters. She's ditched the toilet roll bandages, black bin bags, plastic witches' fingers and noses of the '90s to spook audiences professionally (hopefully). She's played many princesses, fairies and friendly characters across the North East and Halloween is the one time she can pull out her witch's cackle which has, on occasions, made small children cry. But it wasn't her; it was the witch! Honest!
  • David McCarthy is terrified at the prospect of being trapped in the woods with a set of lunatics putting on shows. Unfortunately, they know where he lives, meaning escape is impossible! Regardless, he's determined to make your Halloween a happy one, and hopes you enjoy the spooktacular show!

The 45-minute show runs at 6:00 and 7:00 from 26 to 31 October. Tickets (£8 children and £12 adults) can be booked on the Challenge Northumberland web site. The minimum age is 4. Everyone must be able to walk since no pushchairs or wheelchairs are able to reach the arena. Winter dress is advisable.