Time against Oldham Coliseum

Published: 11 March 2023
Reporter: David Upton

Paul Fleming press conference

Equity general secretary Paul Fleming travelled to Manchester for crunch talks with the Arts Council over the future of jobs at Oldham Coliseum

At a press conference on the doorstep of Arts Council offices immediately after the high stakes talks, Mr. Fleming said he thinks a deal is close, but going too slow to save jobs.

In the meeting, Equity members Victoria Brazier and Zoe Iqbal spoke about how important the Coliseum is for their income as actors, and challenged the Arts Council to do the right thing and make a clear funding commitment to Oldham Coliseum that will allow it to stop the redundancies and keep employing local creative workers.

The invitation to talks with ACE comes after Equity called a public meeting to Save Oldham Coliseum, attended by 400 people from the town.