Frisky and Mannish: Just Too Much

Underbelly, Bristo Square

Frisky and Mannish 'Just too much'

Frisky and Mannish. Well what can I say? After being much missed at the Fringe last year they are back and back with a bang.

There are of course their fantastic vocals, cunning mash-ups and over-the-top stage personalities but this time there is more. As the show is about excess, they indulge themselves and happily the audience goes along for the ride.

I apologise for ruining the surprise, but the inclusion of a dream ballet is inspired. And of course, like all good dream ballets, it is convoluted, slightly weird and a little bit too long.

A few more musical styles also creep into this show and after that accordion solo I’d like to see Frisky and Mannish do Kurt Weill. It would work so well.

It is hard to review this show without giving away too many secrets or surprises, but suffice to say existing fans will find this an excellent extension to their pop schooling and new fans, although possibly slightly confused at times, are sure to be swept up in the exuberance of this new production.

Reviewer: Amy Yorston

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