Joseph Morpurgo: Soothing Sounds for Baby

Joseph Morpurgo
Pleasance Courtyard

It is always difficult to write a review when you are part of an audience most of whom find a comedy show hilarious while you cannot understand why anyone is laughing.

Joseph Morpurgo sets out to be nerdy and succeeds. His show is structured around a cod episode of Desert Island Discs, seemingly involving the real Kirsty Young in voice over.

While Miss Young is trying to do her job, her guest attempts to tell a story about an affair with an older woman, whom he met in a record store.

Morpurgo also selects dozens of old fashioned records from 30-60 years ago and delivers his own commentaries, generally involving nonsensical statements and often silly voices.

There is also both individual and collective audience participation, which you may well love.

Philip Fisher