Big Bite-Size Breakfast Show - Menu Two

Barry Wood, Bill Kovacsik, Carey Crim, William Knowelden, Thomas Willshire
Nick Brice/360 Degree Vision
Pleasance Courtyard

Big Bite-Size Breakfast Show

The Big Bite-Sized Breakfast Show has found a winning formula for good plays with solid rotating cast and production values. And a bit of breakfast to sweeten the "not that early" start time

Here five playwrights have with 10-15 minutes each provide guaranteed good theatre. This is just one of three different menus that can be seen on consecutive days or scatter over the month. “Magician” Nicholas Brice has matched these playwrights with a flawless cast: Rosie Edwards, Billy Knowelden, Tom McCarron, Claira Watson Parr and Thomas Willshire.

Michael Caine's Azaleas by Barry Wood: “Ticking off all things from your bucket list is hard especially on a rollercoaster.”

Bottle for a Special Occasion by Bill Kovacsik: “A perfect gift for a perfect send off.”

Glamping by Carey Crim: “Camping can be bad enough but when it’s at your ex’s wedding…”

Apocalypto by William Knowelden “It’s the end of the world but life must go on!”

Reviewer: Catherine Lamm

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