The Big Bite-Sized Breakfast Menu 3 ”Forces of Nature”

Pleasance Dome

On the Edge by Kylie Rackham

This tiny piece is both funny and surprisingly deep. It features two men played by Scott Virgo and Bill Knowelden on the brink of ending it all by jumping off an 8th storey roof.

They crack some great dark jokes and also talk through their differing issues before coming to a conclusion that should clearly not be revealed in a review.

VD by Pete Malicki

This monologue showcases the acting talents of American Eve Kagan. She plays a girl who wants to say yes, as her 16th cardless Valentine’s Day approaches.

The shock comes with an invitation from a secret admirer which leads to interesting complications surrounding that man’s identity and a secret.

At its best, this is rather like a sketch for a female Woody Allen.

Catastrophe by Dona Parise

You have to love cats or have a partner that does to appreciate this fairly predictable light comedy.

It features Knowelden as a man more interested in his Siamese than Cassandra Hodges, playing his long-suffering wife.

Ballad of 423 and 424 by Nicholas Pappas

What should be a pedestrian, quirky love story becomes rather more thanks to the wit of the writer and also Virgo and Miss Kagan.

He plays a frankly creepily shy author, she his next door neighbour. In a series of scenes that typically last under 30 seconds, their relationship moves from confusion to something more.

Doing it for the Penguins by David Bulmer

The series closes with a short sitcom focusing on Elise Fabris playing a Tory Environment Minister who gets on her bike.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher

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