On the day of arrival, the arena didn't open until late in the day and the music events didn't start until Friday, so the theatre had big queues for each performance, even though the majority of ticketholders had yet to arrive.

My day's viewing didn't begin until 8:15PM with some modern circus from Circa with its very impressive show Landscape With Monsters, which did some amazing balancing with boxes, ladders and other everyday objects in modern dress in a fusion between circus and contemporary dance.

My first day concluded with Twelfth Night With Comedians with a start time later than I sometimes arrive home from the theatre. The acting companies of comedians have been very successful at the Edinburgh Fringe for quite a few years, but this one wasn't quite so accomplished.

That was the last performance of the day that I attended, but the loud music on the stage next to our campsite kept us entertained until 3AM. Every night.