David Troughton as Gloucester in King Lear

The Trigger Warnings Controversy

Some stars have been asking whether trigger warnings are necessary...
George Clooney in Good Night, and Good Luck

Star Casting Hits the Jackpot

Even by recent standards, the news that George Clooney is to make his Broadway debut is something special, but is it good for the theatre community?
Sheridan Smith in Opening Night

Did Brexit Close Opening Night?

Composer and lyricist Rufus Wainwright has alleged that Brexit is partially responsible for the closure of Opening Night. Is he right?
Mark Ravenhill

Playwriting 101 from Mark Ravenhill

Leading playwright Mark Ravenhill is offering an invaluable weekly course in playwriting. Even better, it is currently available free of charge.
Dame Helen Mirren in Phèdre

Ton Up for NT Live

Philip Fisher celebrates an NT Live milestone.
Anne-Marie Duff and Rory Kinnear in Macbeth at the National Theatre

Shakespeare Top 20

What are the most popular Shakespeare plays of this millennium?
Francesca Amewudah-Rivers

Keep Racism Out of Theatre

A rare West End outing for Shakespeare has been blighted by racist hate crime.
Novello Theatre Balcony View

An Affordable Night Out

Are "cheap" theatre seats a good idea?
Tiler Peck

Tiler Peck: where are all the female ballet choreographers?

Rachel Nouchi talks to New York City Ballet star Tiler Peck about her creative process, choreographing on pointe and the gender gap in ballet companies.
Ryan Fletcher and Emun Elliott

Discoveries: Black Watch: when the Edinburgh Fringe took on the world

In the latest of a series of discoveries, Philip Fisher enthuses about the best Edinburgh Fringe show ever.
Sir Keir Starmer

Keir Starmer’s Vision for Culture and a Canadian Success Story

Could Sir Keir Starmer learn an important lesson about the arts from Stratford Festival, Ontario?
Laura Donnelly in The Hills of California


Philip Fisher wishes that the Olivier judges were more adventurous.
Jeremy Hunt MP

Budget boost for theatre hardly turbocharged

Philip Fisher provides a brief overview of budget tax changes as they might affect those in the cultural sector.
Annie McNamara and Sullivan Jones in Slave Play on Broadway

Casting Dilemmas

Controversy has surrounded the announcement that Jeremy O Harris's Slave Play is coming to London. First it was casting, and then culture wars.
Alexander Campbell

Campbell brings new vigour to RAD

The Royal Academy of Dance last week announced that Royal Ballet Principal Alexander Campbell will be following Gerard Charles as its new Artistic Director.
Royal Court

The Demise of Artistic Excellence?

Philip Fisher fears that, due to financial pressures, artistic excellence is being sacrificed in favour of safe programming.
Arts Council England

Has Arts Council England Passed its Sell-By Date?

Arts Council England has been forced into a massive climbdown over censorship and is now going to be subject to a governmental review.
Gemilla Shamruk as Iman in Conversations with My Father

Palestine play taken off Rota

Keith Mckenna wonders why a piece he reviewed positively was removed from Chickenshed's latest evening of short plays.
Phoebe Waller-Bridge in Fleabag at Underbelly

Discoveries: Fleabag

It is always fun to spot a star long before they become famous. In the first of the series, Philip Fisher remembers seeing Phoebe Waller-Bridge before she became a household name.
Arthur Hughes as Richard III

Is Michelle Terry fit to play Richard III?

A controversy has been raging about whether an able-bodied actor should ever again play Richard III.

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