Since the so-called “Freedom Day” which removed all legally-binding COVID-19 restrictions, theatregoers have reacted in different ways. Many are delighted that they are now free to resume, as it were, where they left off in March last year but others are much more cautious and indeed the government’s advice to the 3.7m “clinically extremely vulnerable”, of whom I am one, is that they should “be cautious” and “think particularly carefully about additional precautions you might wish to continue to take.”

In other words, it’s up to us, for the government wants to rely on “the common sense of the British [for which, read “English”] people.”

My common sense tells me that I would be mad to take risks, especially after shielding for more than a year (shielding was paused in April) and being extremely careful since. Yes, I am fully vaccinated but I have emphysema and chronic bronchitis (plus hypertension) and catching any kind of respiratory infection is likely to lead to pneumonia at the very least. So, while I may eventually venture out to a socially distanced show, I will be very careful about which theatres I will choose to go to.

So I have surveyed the web sites of all the theatres in the North East to check what precautions they will continue to take or at least recommend. Some have made no announcement at all, although they may mention precautions at the time of booking, and some will not be re-opening until September. I mention both in the listing.

So here they are, from North to South.