Further comments

Further comments from the floor took up many of the points raised by platform speakers and the conference showed a very positive awareness of the challenges that face our theatres and cultural organisations.

An exhibition of Theatres Trust Ecovenue Project alongside the conference gave delegates the chance to see some of the achievements and discoveries that have resulted from this scheme involving 48 London theatres, evidence and experience that will be available to everyone in making venues more eco sustainable.

Many found the networking opportunites provided by the conference were also extremely valuable in establishing contacts to share ideas and advice and perhaps develop future collaborations. While much of what was said will have confirmed delegates' own experiences it will also have raised issues that had not necessarily been considered. We can all learn from the experience and expertise of others and for some, such as one delegate from Kuwait, it was an eye-opener of new ideas.

Whether it is in the management of resources, conservation of historic buildings, eco issues, extending facilities and opening them up to a wider public, finding collaborative ways of using skills and resources there was plenty for everyone to think about and act upon if we are going to secure the future of our theatre in the wider sense, not just our buildings. The strongest message perhaps is that we need to share our spaces and to make our theatres a central feature of community life and local pride as well as the place where people can come together to share the experience of performance.