This listing covers all the professional pantos or Christmas shows (for adults and/or children) we have been able to find in Northumberland, Tyne and Wear, Co Durham, Teesside and North Yorkshire (north of a line drawn from Richmond to Whitby) from late November 2021 until early January 2022.

Listings within each area are in alphabetical order of town/city, except in Tyne and Wear where there may be numerous venues in one town/city.

Each entry gives the venue and the dates and times of all shows. If no time is given, this means that the show starts at 7:00 or 7:30. If there are more than three starting times, either on one day or throughout the run, we simply say “various times” and advise looking at the web site.

Please note that some shows sell out very quickly so, even though we may not have said a performance or performances have sold out when this was uploaded, one or more performances may have sold out subsequently. We are unable to update on a daily or even weekly basis.

We link from the title of the show to a web site through which tickets can be booked. This may be to a ticket agency such as Eventbrite.

We give the author and/or producer if the show is not a panto and the producer if a panto is not an in-house production.

Ticket prices can vary enormously from day to day, so we usually give a “from/to” indication of prices. The lowest price is often for a child’s ticket. Some venues offer a family ticket which normally covers admission for two adults and two children.