The title says it all. This is about what, for me, was the best of theatre in the North East in 2019, by which I mean theatre that was produced in the region. Home-brewed theatre, if you like, theatre which comes from the creativity of theatre-makers in the North East.

And, of course, it’s what I think was the best. Obviously I can’t see every production in the region and, in fact, there are certain parts that I don’t manage to get to all that often. I do go down to Teesside every now and then but I haven’t been to North Northumberland at all this year. And, in addition, this year medical problems have affected my ability to go to the theatre on many occasions, sometimes I even had to cancel at the last minute, phoning the theatre to give them the opportunity to release my ticket(s) for general sale.

And there was that memorable occasion when my car broke down on the A19 as I was heading for a show at the Gala in Durham thanks to a defunct clutch and the car had to be taken on a low-loader to my street (too late to go to any garage) and then I had to phone the garage the following (Saturday) morning and arrange another low-loader to take it!

I only managed to see 56 shows during the year (plus pantos, of course) when I would have expected to see about 75.

And, of course, Newcastle Theatre Royal remains the only theatre in the country which will not even send the BTG press releases, let alone provide press tickets.

Anyway, you’ll find the listing on the next page!