Shooting Hedda Gabler

Author(s): Nina Segal after Henrik Ibsen
Company: Rose Original

When offered the lead part in a Norwegian film adaptation of Hedda Gabler, an American actress seizes the opportunity to escape Hollywood—and gain some artistic credibility.

She’s running away from her past as a child star, from her present as a tabloid punchline, and from an unfortunate collision between a self-driving Tesla and a member of the paparazzi. But most of all —she's running away from herself.

What awaits her in Norway is Henrik, the brilliant and demanding director—and a film set where reality and fiction are blurred, not least by the arrival of one of her real-life exes. With every moment being filmed, she becomes unmoored and paranoid.

As the atmosphere on set becomes increasingly claustrophobic, Henrik becomes fixated on how to end the movie with a bang.


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