The Wizard of Oz

Author(s): Adapted from the novel by L Frank Baum by Marietta Kirkbride
Company: Watermill Theatre

Dot is a dot of a girl stuck in a small town with dreams beyond her family’s comprehension, with nothing but her little dog Toto for company.

With her Auntie Em constantly being tired, leaving Dot to do all of the chores, her world is a dull grey, if only she could be somewhere, anywhere else...

Dot’s life goes from grey to Technicolor after her beloved dog Toto leads her through a storm that lands them in a strange and miraculous land full of witches and wizards and unusual creatures.

With her new trio of friends, Tinman, Scarrow and Lionel, Dot heads to the Emerald City in search of the magical Wizard to help her find Toto and return home.

However, it is not so easy, her journey is a tumultuous one, riddled with danger and destruction as she is trailed by wicked witch Westly—who will stop at nothing to get her hands on Dot’s magic shoes...

With bravery, brains, and heart, will Dot and her friends find Toto and make it back home to Auntie Em? Click your heels three times and book to find out!



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