Make Mine a Double (The Light House / Sun Bear)

Author(s): Alys Williams, Sarah Richardson Company: Sarah Richardson in association with Park Theatre Running time: 1h approx Age recommendation: 16+ years

A double bill:

The Light House | Presented by Alys Williams in association with Park Theatre

Written and performed by Alys Williams | Directed by Andrea Heaton

Man overboard! Man overboard! Call control. Blow the whistle.

Love is a complicated business. It gets even more complicated when the person you love doesn’t want to be alive.

The Light House is a real-life story of falling in love and staying in love, even when the lights go out and you’re lost in the dark. It’s a love letter to life.

Sun Bear | Presented by Sarah Richardson in association with Park Theatre

Written and performed by Sarah Richardson

In Katy’s office, everything is perfect. Perfect people, intrinsically entwined, working together as one big happy family. There is only one problem. Her.

Cold, cutting and out of control, Katy is one team-building lunch away from tearing the whole office apart, personalised mugs and all.

She is sinking. Having cut off all ties to any remaining lifeboat, Katy is drowning. Under the pressure of it all. Under the panic that refuses to give. Under the images of him that she just can’t shake. She is heading straight for rock bottom, with a line of burnt bridges blazing behind her.

But what sent her on this downward spiral? And is there anyone left that can stop her from the impending crash landing?


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