JB Shorts 24

Author(s): Joyce Branagh, Maz Hedgehog, Cathy Crabb, Lindsay Williams, Dave Simpson, James Quinn, Trevor Suthers, Debbie Oates Company: Reallife Theatre Company Running time: 2h approx

About the Plays

  • Isobel Openshaw Saves the Day by Joyce Branagh, Directed by Alyx Tole
    Not all heroes wear capes. Join Isobel as she sets out to overthrow the government armed with just an anorak and a plan.
  • Aftercare by Maz Hedgehog, Directed by Justina Carmen Aina
    Love, kink, and marshmallows collide in this intriguing exploration.
  • Food Fight by Cathy Crabb & Lindsay Williams, Directed by Miranda Parker
    Delve into the inequalities at a food bank where some are more equal than others.
  • Life is No Joke by Dave Simpson, Directed by Robert Marsden
    Join Mike on his mid-life crisis journey as he abandons his accountancy job to follow his dreams.
  • This is Not a Play by James Quinn & Trevor Suthers, Directed by James Quinn
    Or is it? Explore the boundaries of reality in this thought-provoking piece.
  • Mrs. Proops by Debbie Oates, Directed by Ellie Rose
    Kathy selects Gaz as the next companion for Mrs. Proops, but is he up to the task?


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