Pali and Jay's Ultimate Asian Wedding DJ Roadshow

Author(s): Written by Viraj Juneja story by Pravesh Kumar MBE & Viraj Juneja Company: Rifco Theatre

Whoever said there's too many actors in LA, hasn’t seen the number of DJs in Southall—anyone with a laptop & a pair of headphones can mix a few tracks and claim to be from the same pind (village) as Diljit Dosanjh.

Pali, an old school lover of the craft, has his heart set on moulding his nephew, Jay, into becoming the heir to his DJing empire (one dance floor tile at a time).

Jay, however, is only bothered about the free food at gigs and spotting ‘fitties’ in the crowd. He’s ready to call time on his latest side hustle in order to fulfil what he believes is his destiny of becoming a stand up comic.

With competition for gigs hotting up and cases of DJing sabotage amongst their rivals increasing, everyone is on edge. Using only their simple DJ setup and the odd cup of cha(i), Pali and Jay will transport you through time, from ‘Southall’s biggest deck off 1999’ to how these two underdogs first met in the gym.

Our Uncle and nephew DJing duo must successfully navigate their latest gig in order to save the company, their future aspirations and ultimately, their bromance.


Venue: Octagon Theatre, Bolton Dates:

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