Rita, Sue & Bob Too!

Author(s): Andrea Dunbar Company: Regal Entertainments Ltd Age recommendation: 18+ years
Venue: Forum Theatre Billingham, Stockton-on-Tees Dates:

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Rita and Sue are two working class girls from a run-down council estate who are about to finish their final year at school. In their spare time, they earn money babysitting for married couple Bob and Michelle.

Behind Michelle’s back, Bob embarks on an affair with both Rita and Sue, who take it in turns with him in his car in the countryside. Michelle eventually finds out and leaves lothario Bob. When Bob later develops a preference for Rita, the two girls fall out, but when Sue ends up in an abusive relationship, the trio are reunited.

Other Performances

Venue: St Helens Theatre Royal, St Helens Dates:
Venue: The Princess Theatre, Hunstanton Dates:
Venue: Stockport Plaza, Stockport Dates:
Venue: Floral Pavilion, New Brighton Dates:
Venue: Crescent Theatre, Birmingham Dates:
Venue: The Atkinson, Southport Dates:
Venue: The Pavilion Theatre, Rhyl Dates:
Venue: Queen's Theatre, Barnstaple Dates:
Venue: Liverpool Olympia, Liverpool Dates:

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