A Giant step for Tori

Published: 16 May 2021
Reporter: David Upton

Tori Burgess

From Tameside-based actor, theatre maker and writer Tori Burgess, A Tale of Two Giants is a new series of short audio dramas suitable for children, families and seasoned giant spotters.

It’s supported by Oldham Coliseum Theatre’s Micro Commissions 2021.

Based on a Saddleworth folktale of Alphin and Alderman and the poem Greenfield by Samuel Bottomley, the series of four short audio dramas is a celebration of friendship and the beauty on Oldham’s doorstep.

Alphin and Alderman are a pair of big-hearted best friends whose peaceful life in the countryside is disturbed by the arrival of a very unusual fish.

Each episode is accompanied by a suggested walking route which brings the story to life by retracing their ginormous footsteps.

It is available to listen to for free on podcast platforms and via the Coliseum web site, and comes with a free accompanying resource pack.