A half-term detective story

Published: 2 February 2019
Reporter: Peter Lathan

At half-term this year (19 to 22 February), Customs House favourite Arbuthnot, the not terribly bright son of Dame Bella Ballcock, turns detective to investigate the disappearance of animals from the farm. Cute Cutlet the signing sheep and Puddles the pooch blame each other, but the evil Fleshcreep is lurking in the vicinity—and who knows what he might be up to?

It’s up to Arbuthnot, Cutlet and Puddles—Arbuthnot and Pals’ Detective Agency—to solve the crime. But there is just a little complication, a newcomer, Cecilia, to whom Arbuthnot has taken a bit of a fancy!

As ever, Arbuthnot is played by David John Hopper, who also directs and co-writes the show, and Charlie Raine returns as Cutlet and co-writer Dale Jewitt as Puddles. Newcomer Lori Smedley and Steven Lee Hamilton, who appeared in the 2016/17 panto Jack and the Beanstalk, reprises his villainous role.

There will, we are told, be much singing and dancing—and that’s just from the audience!

Arbuthnot and Pals’ Detective Agency runs from 19 to 22 February at 11:00 and 2:00 and tickets are £8.