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A NE theatre maker and a dancer want to talk about sex

Published: 22 August 2018

Jonluke McKie, a NE theatre maker, and Lizzie J Klotz, Newcastle-based dancer and choreographer, are inviting people from the region to join them in “an honest conversation about sex” to help in the research and development phase of a new play, Preconceived.

McKie has spent the last year interviewing a range of people and is is keen to speak to even more in order to gain a honest and frank understanding of what sex means to people in today’s society.

“We’re living in an interesting time in terms of conversations around sex,” he said. “From ‘sex-positive’ documentaries showing voyeuristic, titillating stories about the fringes of ‘normal’ sexuality and the horrendous scandals unearthed by the #Metoo campaign to the narrow list of narratives and warped imagery we see on film and TV, there is clearly an appetite to talk about sex.

"But speaking about sex is still taboo, which feeds into anxiety around sex, into sexism, homophobia, transphobia and ageism. This is the right time to challenge this taboo, to generate more open conversation about a topic that is so central to human existence.

“As a gay man, my sexuality, whether I liked it or not, has defined me in other people’s eyes throughout my life. People often come to me for advice on their sex lives, though I’ve spent most of my life feeling slightly baffled by my own sexuality; these factors were the starting points for Preconceived.”

Recognising that there are many voices that are not heard, he would love to hear from anyone who feels that they have a perspective they would like to share. He is particularly interested in speaking to people from LGBTQl+ communities, older interviewees (people aged 65 and over), people with disabilities as well as people who don’t have sex.

Developed with Newcastle-based dance and theatre artist Lizzie J Klotz, the final piece will première at Newcastle’s Alphabetti Theatre in 2019.

Performed by one actor, this fast-paced, physical show will use participants’ true stories, as well as original writing, to help shed light on the stories we don’t hear so often when it comes to sex, and explore the funny, painful, hairy and confusing truth of this fundamentally human topic.

Anyone wishing to take part should contact Mckie by e-mail at For further information, visit his web site.

The project is supported by the North East Artist Development Network, Alphabetti Theatre, Live Theatre, Dance City, Gala Durham and Arts Council England.

Peter Lathan