A neuro outlook for theatres

Published: 8 August 2021
Reporter: David Upton

Eccentric performance duo TomYumSim present new work exploring their neurodivergent identities

New Manchester-based organisation Every Brain launches its first project at an online event this Thursday hosted by Contact with support from major theatres across the city.

Every Brain’s guide for theatres and cultural organisations on supporting neurodiversity is designed to raise awareness and provide practical ideas on how organisations can create neurodivergent-friendly working processes.

Neurodivergent is defined as someone who thinks differently from the way the majority expect.

Ali Wilson, director and founder of Every Brain, began the project during lockdown. She said, “there are too many barriers for neurodivergent people working in the arts. Out of that frustration, we’ve built an ambitious project with our sights set high. We want to see major change in the UK creative sector towards becoming neurodivergent friendly."

Matt Fenton, artistic director, Contact added, “we’re delighted to be supporting Ali to bring together artists with lived experience to share knowledge, provoke discussion and advocate for change. The guide will be a vital tool in helping cultural organisations adapt and improve conditions for everyone.”