A Ripper yarn for youth performers

Published: 9 February 2020
Reporter: David Upton

The Unlikely Candidate

Liverpool’s Royal Court youth theatre and North West End acting school have combined to present a brand new play set in 19th century Liverpool: The Unlikely Candidate.

It’s written by North West End’s Francis Tucker and will be performed by the youth theatre’s mentoring group made up of students over the age of 17. Tucker will also direct and has written all of the original music.

A dark comedy, this is a story based on the urban myth surrounding Liverpool’s own Ripper.

James Maybrick was murdered in his Aigburth home by his wife in 1889 and, following his death, was revealed as a suspect in the Ripper cases.

It is suitable for audiences over 16 and is on February 20–22 at the Royal Court Studio.