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A superhero and Britain’s worst school

Published: 21 January 2019

In association with CaroleW Productions, comedy duo Mad Etiquette bring one show for kids and another for adults to Gosforth Civic Theatre, all on one day, Thursday 21 February.

In kids’ show Captain Cauliflower and Marvin the Mischievous Moose, which plays at 11:00 and 2:00 and runs for 50 minutes, Dan Lees and Neil Frost will tell the story of the invincible Captain Cauliflower in his mystical magic hat that gives him superpowers and his faithful companion Marvin as they go on an adventure filled with "extreme silliness and unquestionable danger" in outer space and deep under the ocean, saving those in peril from the Captain’s nemesis, Captain Onion.

Then at 7:30, they will present their show The Establishment: Fool Britannia. Strictly for “grown-ups” it takes us to Britain’s worst school; there's torturing the supply teacher, bunking off PE and loads of smoking behind the bike sheds—and that’s just the teachers.

As Lees and Frost's last appearance in the region (with The Establishment: Eton Mess at Alphabetti in November 2017 as part of CaroleW Productions’ Prague Fringe season) proved, they delight in swamping audiences and critics with subversion and hilarity in equal measure.

Peter Lathan