Alligator Club makes it short and snappy

Published: 30 June 2013
Reporter: David Upton

North West professional playwrights collective The Alligator Club is set to stage a festival of short plays inspired by music at The Studio at Manchester’s Royal Exchange Theatre on July 19-20.

Pages From My Songbook is billed as “a mix tape of theatre, with 18 short plays featuring live music, all the length of a song, which explore love, life, loneliness and lager”.

Against the backdrop of a dusky festival night, it will immerse the audience in stories that blur the lines between a theatrical and festival experience, as short stories and musicians evoke the spirit of a festival.

The show—produced and written by playwrights Ella Carmen Greenhill and Kim Wiltshire—pairs up-and-coming north west playwrights Lee Thompson, Miriam Battye, Jennifer Tuckett and Becky Prestwich with musicians, based in the north west, in a theatrical exploration of the combination of music, story and emotion.