An online Halloween

Published: 26 October 2020
Reporter: Peter Lathan


A collection of short audio stories for Halloween made in the North East will première at 6:00 on Halloween across social media, YouTube, SoundCloud and, it is hoped, Spotify.

It’s the brainchild of Newcastle-based actor and theatre-maker Michelle Bayly who, along with fellow performer, theatre-maker and facilitator Liam Scarth, has formed Fowk and under this banner they are launching six very different short audio stories—ghost stories, comedy, horror, fantasy and more—suitable for a range of ages.

Bayly and Scarth produce these stories by Devon Young, Michelle Bayly, Jake Wilson-Craw, Liam Scarth, Matthew Nicholson and Adam Lowe, which will be performed by voice actors Hayley Mitchell, Jake Wilson Craw, Matthew Nicholson, Lawrence Neale, Helen Coverdale, Adam Lowe, Molly Farquhar, Michelle Bayly, Liam Scarth, William Steel, Eleanor Beck, Amy Lea, Emma Hiddleston, Alex Tahnee and Nathan McGowran. Original music will be composed and performed by James Ryan, Alex Campbell and Jez Stephenson.

The idea, Bayly tells us, was to keep creatives active and connected during this pandemic and “to bring free festive Halloween cheer and entertainment for people in lockdown, especially families who can't trick or treat this year.”

There are more details on Fowk’s Facebook page.