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An opportunity for NE sketch writers

Published: 11 August 2018

A NE theatre is offering local sketch writers the chance to have their work crowned the undisputed heavyweight sketch of the region.

Alphabetti is challenging writers to take their chuckles, giggles, sniggers and snorts and make them roar in the ring in the spar on the Boulevard.

On 12 and 13 December, the theatre presents The Sketch K.O. Show in which 20 sketches will battle it out to be the champion.

Would-be participants must submit their work by e-mail by 5:00 on 31 October.

  • Each individual sketch must be set in one location, contain no more than 3 characters and last for no longer than 4 minutes.

  • One writer can submit a maximum of 3 sketches (if a person e-mails more than 3 then none of their work will be considered).

  • Writing duos / groups are accepted however individual members may not then submit separately.

  • All submissions must be e-mailed to—any other submissions will not be accepted.

  • All writers must be aged 18 years or older by 31 October 2018.

  • All writers must be based in the North East of England.

  • All sketches must have a title and have page numbers.

  • If a sketch is shortlisted, the writers must be available to meet in person on Monday 19 November at Alphabetti Theatre at 6:00 til 9:00. If a writer is unable to attend, their sketch will not be picked for the performance.

A shortlist of 40 sketches will be drawn up by Alphabetti’s Artistic Director Ali Pritchard and his team. Then:

  • All writers will be contacted by Monday 12 November to tell them if they have been shortlisted. Feedback for unsuccessful writers will not be possible.

  • All shortlisted writers will vote on their favourite 20 sketches (depending on their length).

  • The sketches will be rehearsed junder the direction of Ali Pritchard.

  • 10 sketches will be performed each night—the order of which will be decided by the audience on the night. The audience will vote for their favourite sketch of the evening.

  • On the final performance one sketch will be crowned the ultimate winner.

Finally, the winning sketch will be professionally filmed and released online. The writer(s) will receive a link to the sketch and a hi-res copy. If there is any budget left over this will be re-invested into Alphabetti Theatre as a registered charity. There are no cash prizes. All shortlisted writers will receive one free ticket to both performance. These are non-transferable and non-refundable. The writer / writers of the winning sketch will receive a heavyweight North East sketch winner belt.

Peter Lathan