Arcola suspends all performances and appeals for donations

Published: 16 March 2020
Reporter: David Chadderton

Arcola Theatre

London's Arcola Theatre has suspended all public performances until further notice to avoid contributing to the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus).

In a joint statement, Artistic Director Mehmet Ergen, Executive Producer Leyla Nazli and Executive Director Dr Ben Todd said, “the impact of COVID-19 is a critical threat to Arcola and to the livelihoods of all those who work in the arts. Most of Arcola’s funding comes from people coming to see our performances. Without these performances, the vast majority of our income is gone. But we do not believe that it is practical or responsible for us to stage shows while people’s lives are at risk.

“We are determined to survive, to retain our dedicated team, and to get our shows back on track as soon as possible. So we need your help urgently. Arcola Theatre is a registered charity, and any donation—large or small—will ensure that our theatre stays thriving, long after this crisis is past.”

The theatre has launched an urgent appeal for donations at

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