Arts Council emergency support for North East theatre

Published: 9 July 2020
Reporter: Peter Lathan

Arts Council England

Arts Council England has revealed the emergency support it has given to theatre during the coronavirus pandemic. There are three lists, support for National Portfolio Organisations, for non-NPOs and for individuals.

In the North East, ARC Stockton received £79,943, The Customs House (South Shields) £19,090 and The Queen’s Hall (Hexham) £36,428. Interestingly the Beamish Museum received £425,000.

There were 830 applications for aid from non-NPOs of which 508 were successful and a total of £10,807,852 was awarded.

2,136 individuals applied and 1,553 were successful, receiving a total of £3,499,186.

Nationally NPOs received £33,103,133, 3,182 non-NPOs £47.7m and 7,484 individuals £17.1m

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