Asa's hometown première for new musical play

Published: 15 September 2023
Reporter: David Upton

New Generations Credit: David Moon

Liverpool writer and musician Asa Murphy has penned a new musical play set to première in the city September 22–23.

New Generations covers the importance of love and support in family life and will perform at Liverpool’s Hope Street Theatre for three performances.

The play follows the journey a mother and daughter share when the news of a new baby is announced. They both have exciting expectations about how the new arrival will affect everyone's lives, but expectations don't always match.

It stars Pauline Donovan, Clare Cambell and Nathan Murphy and features songs performed live by the cast with Murphy on acoustic guitar.

The play started life as a pilot production at Little Liverpool Theatre Festival Of New Work in 2022, the original title being Grandmother. The production has now been extended into a two-act production with new songs added.

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