Austen’s characters brought to life in new Warwick season

Published: 18 August 2012
Reporter: Steve Orme

Rebecca Vaughan in Austen's Women

Rebecca Vaughan plays 13 characters in Austen’s Women, one of the first offerings in the autumn season at Bridge House Theatre, Warwick.

The actor “offers a brilliant and illuminating distillation of 19th century feminism” in the show which she also adapts.

The characters range from Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice to loquacious Mrs Bates from Emma in Austen’s Women. It visits the theatre on Saturday, 8 September.

Bruce Bane is back at the Bridge House on 21 September. The gun-for-hire anti-hero, straight out of pulp fiction and film noir, returns with two thrillers, The Beast Within and Welcome to Sunnyview.

Madcap theatre company Oddsocks returns with The Adventures of Robin Hood from 28 November until 1 December.

The season culminates with Puss in Boots. Adam Schumacher writes and directs as well as appearing as Dame Gwendoline Kettlewell-Grind. The cast also includes Amy Wood and Wilson Roberts.

Puss in Boots runs from 20 December until 1 January.