Award-winning short film becomes play for children

Published: 16 September 2019
Reporter: Peter Lathan

The Gingerbread Witch, the Deaffest UK award-winning Best Artistic Short Film, is to become a play for children at Northern Stage.

Young twins Anders (who is deaf) and Aurora (who is hearing) share a very special bond. They live in an old and mystical Scottish village called Oban, where people are kind and friendly but have very little to spare.

Children have been mysteriously disappearing from the village for many years, then one day, Anders and Aurora stumble across an enchanted object and find themselves in the middle of an adventure… Can they solve the riddle of the missing children? And will the strength of their bond defy the odds?

The film, which also won Best Animation Short at the Festival Clin d’Oeil in France, was produced by Paul Miller who has recently received funding support to create a stage version aimed at children aged 4+. It is believed that this is the first time that a deaf North East artist has received such funding.

The production premières in Stage 2 at Northern Stage on 25 October (11:00 and 6:00) and 26 October (1:30 and 4:30). It runs for 50 minutes and tickets are £8.50 for children and £10.50 for adults.