Big Top's biggest season

Published: 14 March 2023
Reporter: David Upton

Blackpool Tower Circus
Shaping up for Blackpool Tower Circus

Blackpool Tower Circus, the oldest permanent circus arena in the world, has opened its 2023 season earlier than ever.

Stunt motorcyclists, a foot juggler and a smoke-breathing dragon are just a few of the acts featured among some of the best performers from around the globe.

Brothers Laci Jnr and Bubu Endresz—better known to fans as clowns Mooky and Mr Boo—host a show for audiences of all ages.

Making its debut this year is The Globe of Speed, which sees a team of stunt motorcyclists riding at up to 60MPH in unison inside a 1.5 tonne steel cage.

French foot juggler Germaine Delbosq throws and catches balls, rings and even flaming objects with her feet. She’s joined by husband, Gabriel Carmona, showcasing his skills of dancing a tango while swinging flaming ropes.

And the circus’s famous water finale, during which the ring is filled with 42,000 gallons of water, will feature a guest appearance in the shape of a trio of smoke-breathing dragons.

The Endresz brothers build all the props and create the costumes used in the show at a purpose-built workshop in Laci Jnr’s home.

Also joining the line-up will be a troupe of acrobats from Ethiopia, making their Blackpool Tower debut.

The 1,300-capacity arena underwent major refurbishment last year, with the intricate circus ceiling being restored to its former glory.