BoJo shows his face in Liverpool!

Published: 1 March 2020
Reporter: David Upton

BoJo’s World, a political satire play by Succour Punch Theatre, is a children’s television show-style political satire.

Drawing upon political scandals of the last 20 years, as selected by focus groups, this production surrounds the adventures of lovable clown Bojo and his friends.

Through use of mask work and clowning, a high-energy, verbatim-scripted show promises laughs.

Managing artistic director Sarah Sharp said, “BoJo’s World is our fight back, Liverpool voted for a Labour government while the rest of the country it seems were happy to ‘get Brexit done’. The way we see it, we need to laugh or we’ll cry”

BoJos World is at The Hope Street Theatre March 4–5.