Bon Voyage for Epstein Theatre

Published: 30 June 2013
Reporter: David Upton

Boom Boom Productions, the producers behind If the Shoe Fits, bring Bon Voyage to Liverpool’s Epstein Theatre this September.

It centres on a final farewell party to a much loved husband, father and friend, Rocky. Hosted by Rocky’s wife Maggie and daughter Lisa, chaos ensues with party guests including his best friends Bumper, Dazzler and Plonk.

Written by Richie Grice and Paul Nicholson and directed by Richie Grice, the show stars Lindzie Germaine and Mickey Finn. No strangers to the Liverpool stage, between them these two have appeared in other Liverpool productions including Little Scouse on the Prairie, Nightmare on Lime Street, Scouse Pacific, Night Collar and Down our Street.

Other confirmed cast for the show are Chris Crookall from Grange Hill and Lucky Numbers, Tony James from Coast Radio and The League of Gentlemen, Michael Swift from If the Shoe Fits and That Peter Kay Thing and Richie Grice from If the Shoe Fits and Brick Up the Wirral Strikes Back.