Bushra backs return of gang plays

Published: 25 July 2021
Reporter: David Upton

Bushra Ahmed

Bushra Ahmed, also known as activist West Croydon Voice, has become an ambassador for Terriers and Terriers 2—Eve’s Story, a play that shows the stark reality of becoming involved with gangs and guns.

Commissioned by Merseyside Police as part of Liverpool’s Capital of Culture year in 2008, Terriers has been seen by more than 200,000 young people from primary and secondary schools across Merseyside and the UK and been studied as part of the National Curriculum.

After seeing the impact it had on young people back in 2014, Bushra was instrumental in bringing the play back to Croydon in 2018 and then raising its profile across London including performances at the Old Bailey and City Hall in 2019.

Community participation director at Liverpool’s Royal Court Miriam Mussa said, “we have had successes with Terriers and Eve’s Story over the years and Bushra’s involvement will mean many more young people will see the two plays and gain some insight into the reality of gangs at a time when they could be tempted to join.”

Writer Maurice Bessman developed Terriers 2—Eve’s Story, which focusses on the impact that gangs can have on girls. While the play is a sequel to Terriers, it can be watched as a standalone piece, and tells more about Eve, highlighting issues surrounding absenteeism, knife crime and child exploitation.

For more details or if interested in booking Terriers for a school, community centre or youth venue, e-mail [email protected]