Buxton comedy explores darker side of politics

Published: 7 July 2018
Reporter: Steve Orme

NoLogoProductions returns to Buxton Fringe with a dark comedy “following the fortunes of the political opportunists, zealots and spin doctors who jump on the bandwagon”, A Beginner’s Guide to Populism.

Parliamentary candidate Antonia Morgan puts herself forward to lead the campaign. She and her political adviser Jeremy Taylor strike fear into the hearts of the villagers as she alerts them to threats they never knew existed while their popularity soars.

Written by Andy Moseley, who used to be a policy analyst for the Ministry of Justice, the play explores the darker side of present-day politics. He said, “it’s worrying to see the direction political discourse has been heading in. What started with newspapers using scare tactics to boost circulation has spread to politicians worldwide doing the same thing to win votes.

“I wanted to show what could happen if it goes unchecked, but I also wanted to show how absurd it is that it’s come this far already.”

A Beginner’s Guide to Populism features Isabel Palmstierna as Antonia Morgan and Will Underwood as Jeremy Taylor. David Wood directs.

It will be performed at Underground at the Arts Centre Studio on Tuesday 10 July at 9:45PM and Wednesday 11, Wednesday 18 and Friday 20 July at 9PM.