Cast announced for Chichester Inquiry

Published: 6 September 2023
Reporter: Sheila Connor

The Inquiry

The Inquiry, the first play written by Harry Davies, a writer and investigative reporter for The Guardian, about the pernicious collision between politics, justice and ambition, runs at the Minerva Theatre Chichester from 13 October to 11 November (an extra week has been added).

MP Arthur Gill is one of Westminster's rising stars. Still in his 30s, he's just become the Secretary of State for Justice, assuming the role of Lord Chancellor too, and with a leadership race on the horizon, he's a favourite to be the next Prime Minister.

But there's a problem. An inquiry headed by Lady Justice Deborah Wingate is on the brink of publishing its findings about a public health disaster, a scandal that happened on Gill's watch when he was environment minister. As leaks multiiply and waters grow murkier, how far will he go to hide his past and protect his future?

Directed by Joanna Bowman, Deborah Findlay, John Heffernan and Malcolm Sinclair lead the company alongside Shazia Nicolls, Macy Nyman, Nicholas Rowe and Stephanie Street.

Design is by Max Jones, lighting by Mark Henderson, sound by Christopher Shuts, movement by Yarit Dor and casting by Charlotte Sutton CDG.

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